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Replying To Posted Ads
Replying To An Ad
The Appliance Repair Tech School - Tech Ads uses a blind email reply system where you must reply to a specific ad using the Reply To Ad link on the ad listings or ad detail page. We will not release a registered user's email address for you to directly reply to an ad.

Email Address Privacy and Disclosure
After you have clicked the "Reply To Ad" link, you will be presented with a form to send your message to the original poster of the ad. Your email address is provided to the user who posted the ad, but you will not be able to obtain the email address of the individual who posted the ad unless they reply to your reply. It is then the responsibility of the individual who posted the ad to reply to your message.

Retaining A Copy of Your Reply
If you would like to receive a copy of your reply via email, you should leave the box checked that indicates "Send A Copy For My Records" checked. In addition to sending your reply to the original poster of the ad, we will forward you a copy for your records.

Logging and/or Abuse/Spamming
We log all replies sent to our users to help reduce spam and abusive replies.  When you reply to an ad, your email address you enter, your ip address, remote host name, date and time are logged for our records.  We do not release this information to any third parties but will use it to investigate any report of spam or abuse and may disclose this information to third parties who can assist in taking action against any third party who uses the system or replies to ads in a spamming or abusive manner.

Reporting Abuse or Spamming Activities
We encourage all users to report abuse or spam to our system administrator.  Please include the reply message you have received and any other details regarding the abuse/spam and send your complaint to Rtnoww@aol.com.

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