Appliance repair technicians have been forced forever to learn on the job, and this is Not Fair to the customer or the technician! Now, Finally, there is an Appliance Repair Tech School to teach prospective technicians the appliance repair trade, so they are knowledgable and professional in the customer's home when they are faced with fixing an appliance they would have never possibly seen before, until Now!  


Appliance Repair Tech School
Our school offers an extremely comprehensive training program
that will give you the foundation that you need to start doing appliance repair.

Appliance Repair Tech School has culminated over 35 years
of Real Experience, having actually worked for Major Manufacturers,
as a Technician, and in Management. We provide a extremely, comprehensive, technical training, that has been too long in the waiting, to take the learning of appliance repair for prospective technicians, out of the customer's home, and make them ready to provide the Best Possible Appliance Repair for every customer, the moment they enter the customer's home, to service and repair all brands, of all their major appliances.
Our training sessions are not made up of just technical training,
like most training seminars you will find provided by others.
Our training sessions include technical, customer service, business start-up assistance, and we do what nobody else does, Absolutely FREE, by offering Unlimited Future assistance, for all attendees of the Appliance Repair Tech School!
You will not find this additional future assistance,
anywhere in the world!

Appliance Repair Tech School
participants will experience hands-on & classroom training
from an extremely experienced instructor,
with over 35 years of experience in the appliance
repair industry. The instructor has worked for Major Manufacturers
in the appliance repair industry, as a technician, as well as in Management.
The training sessions start with comprehensive basic electricity skills
and wiring diagram analysis, followed by troubleshooting, diagnosis,
disassembly, and repair of all brands of all major appliances.
All makes and models will be introduced to the attendees,
allowing for an extremely comprehensive understanding of appliance repair.

Real Customer, Hands-on, In-Home Repairs
Basic Electricity Understanding
Customer Service Skills
Customer Confidence Skills
Wiring Diagram/Schematics Analysis
Looking up parts/product breakdowns
List of Required Tools for appliance repair
Manufacturer's Technical info
Appliance Repair Tech School Certification

Outline of Appliance Repair Tech School Training, for
Troubleshooting and Repair of Major Household Appliances

*All of these subjects will be gone over in both 2 week and 3 week sessions. Although, in the 2 week session, there will be brief overview of most that are not directly pertinent to the repair and service of major appliances. In the 2 week session, more emphasis will be put on diagnosing and repairing major appliances, due to the time constraint. Thus allowing you to go away with repair and service knowledge that is the most effective for your time spent at Appliance Repair Tech School. Whether you take the 2 week or 3 week sessions, you will walk away with a very good foundation of knowledge about repairing appliances, that you did not have before you arrived. In most cases, this will allow you to go right out and start repairing and servicing appliances, and have a great amount of confidence in what you are doing, and also gain the confidence of the customer! Gaining the customer's confidence, is the key to establishing a good working relationship with them, and they will usually do your advertising for you, by word of mouth, which beats any paid advertising, bar none!


Basic Appliance Theory

What is inside an appliance?

Basic electrical principles

Voltage, current, and resistance

Ohm's Law

DC and AC

Series and parallel circuits

Appliance Troubleshooting


Safety myths

Safety guidelines

Should I unplug appliances when not in use?

Troubleshooting tips

Basic hand tools

Soldering techniques

Desoldering techniques

Soldering pins in plastic connectors

Solderless connectors

Wire stripping

Attaching wires to screw terminals

Test equipment

Getting inside consumer appliances

Getting built up dust and dirt out of appliances

Lubrication of appliances

Common appliance problems

Appliance cord gets hot

Extension cords

Internal wiring - cables and connectors

Switches - power, mode, or speed selection

Relays - electrically activated switches for power or control

Contact configurations

Electrical overload protection devices - fuses and circuit breakers

Fuse or circuit breaker replacement

Thermal protection devices - thermal fuses and thermal switches

More on thermal fuses

Controls 1 - adjustable thermostats

Controls 2 - rheostats and potentiometers

Interlocks - prevent operation with door open

Indicators - incandescent or neon light bulbs or LEDs

Heating elements

Repair of broken heating elements

Solenoids - small and large

Small electronic components - resistors, capacitors, diodes

Motors - AC, Induction, DC

Fans and Blowers - bladed or centrifugal

Bearings and bushings

Mechanical controllers - timing motors and cam switches

Electronic controllers - simple delay or microprocessor based

Convection oven noise


Garbage disposals

Garbage disposal pops reset button but nothing blocked

Garbage disposal is stuck - hums but does not turn

Garbage disposal seizes repeatedly

Garbage disposal replacement (or upgrade)

Motor bearing problems

Motor noise

Finding a replacement motor

Major Appliances

Web sites for large appliance troubleshooting

Electric oven calibration

Heat control in electric range surface units

Electric range top element does not work properly

Range, oven, dryer electronic ignition

Replacing a thermostat

Oven door seal repair

Freezer is normal but fresh food compartment isn't even cool

Refrigerator not cooling after a week

Defrost system operation and wiring

Compressor starting relays

Changing the temperature range of a refrigerator

Washer sometimes spins

Clothes washer does not fill (cold or hot)

Window air conditioner preventive maintenance

Window air conditioner doesn't cool

Air conditioner freezes up

Comments on electric clothes dryer problems and repair

Dryer shuts down after a few minutes

Why has my dryer (or other high current) plug/socket burned up?

Four year old gas dryer just started popping GFCI

Checking dishwasher solenoids

Electrical Wiring Information and Problems

Safe electrical wiring

What is a GFCI?

GFCIs, overloads, and fire safety

How does a GFCI work

More on how the GFCI detects a N-G short

GFCIs and safety ground

Where are 3 wire grounded outlets required?

Why you should NOT connect G to N

Testing installed GFCIs

Outlet wiring screwed up?

220 V outlet reads 0 VAC between slots

Why a GFCI should not be used with major appliances

Comments on whole house surge suppressors

Determining electricity usage

Service Information

Wiring diagrams

Removing screw with stripped head

Mike's tips on improvised parts repair

Fixing stripped plastic threaded holes

Interchangeability of components

Appliance repair books

Large appliance repair manuals and Web assistance

Manufacturer support

Parts suppliers

*Upon completion of the Appliance Repair Tech School,
you will receive a Certification of Completion Certificate,
that is equivalent to all of the industry certifications,
and you will receive a Wall Certificate of Completion,
a Certification of Completion Wallet Card, and Unlimited assistance
from Appliance Repair Tech School, as long as you need it,
to help you succeed in the appliance repair industry.

The course will then be wrapped up by introducing you
to the resources to get Certified by the EPA, for refrigerator
and air conditioning repair, involving freon.
You will also be introduced to the other certification programs,
Not required to work in the appliance repair industry,
that some of the larger companies and corporations like to see.
One of these Certifications that is available, is called the NASTeC
(National Appliance Service Technician Certification).

Appliance Repair Tech School is Dedicated
in the appliance repair industry!

After you leave our school, each attendee will have access
to our web site Log-in Resources, to obtain useful technical
information we provide to assist you daily, with any
questions or problems you may have, about repairing an
appliance, as you run into problematic situations down the road.

... The First, and Most Comprehensive Answer,
for prospective appliance repair technicians! ...

Owner and Instructor, Michael C Riley,
has over 35 years of experience in the appliance repair industry,
and is also the owner of The Top, 5 Star Rated Appliance Repair Company
in San Diego, according to online sources like, and!

There is no price you can put on the training
you will get at Appliance Repair Tech School!

The cost of our school will be earned back
by you within weeks
of your fixing appliances in customer's homes!

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