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Most appliance repair companies follow the example of many decades of mistakes by
existing repair companies, which limits them in the profitability of their business, tremendously!

Don't make the same mistakes they have forever!

There are some key elements to increasing the profits of any and all
appliance repair companies, and we can easily teach them to you, to:
  • increase your total sales
  • increase your profits per call
  • increase your confidence in selling the repairs
  • increase the number of customers that have their appliance fixed by you
  • dramatically decrease your advertising costs, even down to zero
  • decrease technician time in the home, to do more calls per day
  • decrease the service calls you go to, then they go buy a new unit
  • increase the confidence of the customer towards your company being the best anywhere
  • increase the customers advertising for you... free advertising!
  • increase your repeat customer average, dramatically
  • increase the # of calls you sell, before you even show up to their home
...and the list goes on and on, which converts
into a huge increase in your bottom line profits!

Don't make the same mistake that so many others have made,
believing that if you have more techs, you will make more profits, you won't!
In fact, many times, you end up making less profits, with more techs!
The appliance repair business is much different than other businesses!

If you are stubborn and set in your ways, and it just seems to be another day of working too hard,
and making so little profits, and you are constantly wondering how you can make more money as a business,
the answer is right in front of you, but you are blocking it out, because you are not being open to change
for the better!

With an open mind, and willingness to allow someone that knows the solution,
to share it with you, you can increase your profits and decrease your work, at the same time!

Are you making $100 to $200+ profit per call, minus your service call charge?
If not, you're doing something very wrong!
We can help you convert all calls to an average of $100 to $200+ profit per call,
without ripping the customer off!

If interested in getting professional help
to make your appliance repair business more profitable
click here!

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